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Did You know?


Rigorous use-case analysis suggests advanced analytics can boost utility profitability by 10-15%


The Utility Analytics Institute reports almost 40% of utility companies are trying to figure out what to do with data gathered

Did you know you can secure deep, contextual insights in lieu of raw data
that is engaging to your customers and empowers them to make effective
adjustments that reduce consumption?

The Challenge

Assigning meaning to the meaningless

Today’s utility companies are flooded with what seems to be meaningless IDR data. While the numbers are there, the wider perspective is not, as the data does not reflect key elements specific to each building served. Utility companies are left scratching their heads: How does this benefit customers? EOS Labs puts that data to work for utility companies through its sophisticated smart meter big data technology that contextualizes data through intelligent inference about load type, unveiling key energy savings opportunities that will heighten customer satisfaction and retention.

About UFIQ®

EOS Labs’ Utility Financial Intelligence® (UFIQ®) is a unique data intelligence engine that supports a host of programs at the utility side and customer side of the meter. UFIQ® gathers seemingly useless, inactionable AMI interval data and provides meaning and context specific to each building by applying remote intelligence, linking meter data to load operations.

UFIQ®’s intelligent analysis of the data generates a variety of key knowledge points on which customer engagement, satisfaction, and operation programs can excel. As issues with energy consumption can affect all industries, UFIQ® can be used for nearly all customers of utility companies, regardless of load size.


Helping utility companies every step of the way

Why EOS Labs? Because we are the team emboldened by a single passion: to give utility companies the tools they need to reduce energy consumption, increase profit, enhance customer relationships and ultimately save energy for future generations. Our team of industry experts can create a tailored experience through our smart meter data intelligence engine and tackle any utility roadblocks. Benefits include:

Heightened customer satisfaction and retention

Increased profitability

Business intelligence across the utility


Improved engagement with commercial and residential customers



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EOS Labs is the utility data analytics leader behind the Utility Financial Intelligence Engine UFIQ®. The company is founded on the modern view that enhancing the customer experience is paramount and is built by leaders from the customer side.

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