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Outdated Thinking

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It takes focused discovery to solve for operational challenges and tackling the issue of outdated thinking is no different. EOS Labs smart meter data intelligence engine is built to take on the start-to-finish process for utility companies and their commercial and residential customers with the goal to discover – and innovate – in ways that shape the industry. But all this innovation didn’t just happen overnight: It resulted from a path of pondering by Founder Sal Alhelo.

What Is The Real Value Of Data?

Sal recognized the serious issue and wanted to

  • Apply true cutting-edge technology and intelligence to the data. Use interval data to provide insight into managing every building in a service area.
  • Elevate AMI and smart meter data gathered anywhere in the U.S.

Our mission is to empower and engage both sides of the meter towards the common good

How do we use interval data in a meaningful way?

In further exploration, Sal noticed that:

Data is useless—unless it is put into the context of its application

During his graduate studies of data and business analytics at the University of Texas-Arlington, Sal came to understand: 

Data is useless—unless it is put into the context of its application and enriched by the knowledge of the application’s domain.

Tech heavyweights like Google and Apple dedicate tremendous amounts of time and treasure to contextualize data to make it effective and engaging to customers. But, much to his surprise, Sal found that utilities and metering companies don’t contextualize their data relevant to their customers, issuing the same abstract data and leaving customers to make sense of their bills, potentially ignoring interval data or using the data in a limited way.

Smart meter interval data was not being used to its fullest potential.

Interval data from AMI could reveal building-specific savings opportunities, knowledge about the load, and insights about the customer, but can also make it speak to each customer’s expectations, needs, and operations.

There was a gap between how AMI data was used and what it could accomplish, and with the use of new data intelligence technologies, AMI can be more than just raw data: It can be insightful knowledge, actionable recommendations, and a highly engaging customer experience that is customized to every customer.

Technology + ingenuity = an affordable, high-impact, easy-to-implement way to save energy.

If used effectively and with the right technologies, interval data can lead to the creation of an engaging customer experience through actionable recommendations for each customer. These enhanced energy management practices can provide the energy savings benefits that building managers and utility program planners crave.

Make use of multiple applications.

Smart meter intelligence that targets building-specific savings opportunities can be implemented by the utilities, by the end users, or any channel in between.

What we are set to achieve

EOS Labs & Data Discovery

We understand that each utility company needs to solve for a variety of customer challenges and acting on a piecemeal approach is ineffective and a waste of valuable time and resources. With inefficiency comes potentially exorbitant costs that can derail efforts and put utility companies and end users on a detrimental track.

EOS Labs aims to gather AMI data and put it to work for you through our unique smart meter data engine that lays the essential foundation towards energy efficiency with the opportunity to build upon it for even more robust capabilities.

Eliminating archaism to embrace innovation

Outdated ideas are limiting and wall out innovation, leaving customers alone to reach for solutions in total darkness.

Tech wizards serving many industries have proven that big data has the ability to transform the customer experience, and this is also well demonstrated in e-commerce and social media.

At EOS Labs, we recognize the importance of security actionable insights from big data and apply it to the unique needs of each utility customer to result in a valuable interaction between customer and utility company. Our development team brings more than 50 years of combined experience in engineering, energy sciences and data technology, all sharing this same passion: to bring innovation to the forefront to benefit all, now and in the future.

Our vision is to see customers and utility companies partner together for common benefits such as driving down energy consumption.

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