Frequently Asked Questions

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▸ What is the most common misconception that organizations might have about their energy usage?

Contrary to popular belief, energy usage is a variable cost of doing business. The EOS Labs UFIQTM platform helps you find billing errors and energy performance anomalies that could be negatively impacting your bottom line. EOS Labs provides facility managers need to know information in order to make informed energy management decisions.

▸ What does EOS Labs offer and why is it unique?

EOS Labs offers building facilities managers the competitive advantage of leveraging its Utility Financial Intelligence (UFIQTM) platform. This platform simplifies the overwhelming amounts of energy and utility usage data available and makes it easy for building managers to remain focused on the data trends and insights that matter most to the company’s bottom line.

▸ What benefits does the UFIQTM platform offer to building facilities managers?

The UFIQTM platform is customizable, taking into account a building manager’s specific financial and operational goals and breaking energy usage down based on variables such as weather, occupancy and specific building consumption.

▸ How and why did you develop the UFIQTM platform?

The UFIQTM system was developed by a veteran energy management expert, Sal Alhelo, with nearly 15 years of experience. Alhelo knew there had to be a more efficient solution for analyzing energy usage data that could be directly translated into dollars and cents. He found two major issues preventing energy managers from reaching their highest level of efficiency 1) the amount of data 2) the focus of building managers operating their buildings. He wanted cutting-edge technology to address these two critical issues.

▸ What if I already have an Internet of things (IoT)-enabled building automation/control system like a building management system (BMS)?

An IoT-enabled BMS controls only the systems that are perceived as critical, large or prone to error. For almost all buildings, that is less than 50 percent of its systems. BMS doesn’t provide visibility to the other 50% consumption of energy, water, or other utilities. UFIQTM provides visibility to the entire building’s energy financial performance aligned with The International Performance Measurement and Verification Protocol (IPMVP®) – Option
Also, a BMS is only a hardware-based system — not a financial intelligence system. Thus, a BMS may be able to tell you what is broken, but can’t tell you how much it is costing you. You can think of our UFIQTM system as a supplement to your existing BMS. It adds financial intelligence to your daily decision-making, so that you can effectively prioritize repairs and resources (time and money).
BMS errors are more common and frequent than what most think. And those errors are mostly responsible for substantial amount of waste resulting in high utility bills. UFIQTM provides the assurance that BMS itself is working properly and yielding the savings intended. BMS automatically without UFIQTM supervision is unlikely to save energy consistently.

▸ We have Fault Detection algorithms on our BMS, how can UFIQTM benefit us?

Fault detection is based on the BMS data, thus, it has all the limitations explained in the previous question about IoT enabled BMS. UFIQTM adds financial intelligence to your daily decision making to effectively prioritize repairs and allocate resources (time and money).

▸ What does it cost to use EOS Lab’s UFIQTM solution?

Ultimately, it is our goal to help improve your bottom line when it comes to energy waste reduction and better energy management. There are several factors that reflect our pricing model including energy data format and transferability, specific portfolio set-up and energy performance needs, as well as the possibility of adding our white-glove energy management service as a solution, where our team of energy experts manages your company’s energy performance.
Factors that drive pricing:

Economies of scale.
Data availability: if you have the data available in a format easily transformable to EOS, the lower the cost will be.
Setup complexity depending on your portfolio and business needs.
Cost of managed service, if you desire our team of experts to manage energy performance on your behalf.

▸ How do I get started with rolling out the UFIQTM platform?

Getting started is simple. Click here, fill out the form and we will be in touch to craft a step-by-step implementation plan that is unique to your organization!

▸ Is my organization’s energy needs a good fit for the UFIQTM platform?

The UFIQTM platform’s customizable energy data insights serve a variety of industry verticals including education, hospitality, restaurants, grocery & convenience stores, retail, gym and fitness centers, theaters, banking and healthcare.

▸ How can I be certain that the UFIQTM platform will fit our specific business needs?

When you connect with one of our utility service experts, we will do a deep dive into your unique situation and provide a specific energy data management plan. This will enable our platform to provide you with the highest accuracy and benefit to your specific business needs.

▸ How can building and facility managers use the data provided by EOS Lab’s UFIQTM solution?

The UFIQTM platform provides building and facility managers actionable insights that can be used to inform revenue projections, set to yearly or quarterly budgets, as well as factor the costs of energy usage into their pricing model and more.

▸ We depend on utility bills to manage energy which has all the financial data we need. How UFIQTM can benefit us?

Utility bills inform you of your building’s performance at least 30 days late. Also, utility billing periods are so long that it prevents the ability to spot hourly and daily trends. UFIQTM provides hourly financial intelligence with impressive accuracy and speed.

▸ We already use interval data, how can UFIQTM help us?

Interval data readings (IDR) of a smart meter are not usable as is. IDR data is highly influenced by weather and building use/occupancy and is not an accurate indication of how efficiently your building is performing. IDR is known to generate erroneous, false positive and negative alarms. UFIQTM applies AI and ML to generate accurate alarms based on the custom criteria you define that meets your saving goals.

▸ We have anomaly detection on our IDR data, UFIQTM can’t help us.

Refer to the previous question. UFIQTM provides timely and accurate alarms, reduces the noise and promotes effective and smart decisions.

▸ We have smart meters, submeters, IDR Data, how can UFIQTM help us?

Refer to the previous question. UFIQTM provides timely and accurate alarms, reduces the noise and promotes effective and smart decisions.

▸ We have financial information on our BMS. We have an estimate of how much each issue is costing us. UFIQTM is unnecessary.

Unless this financial data came from a system submeter or isolation meter, it is just a guess without any validation or verification. UFIQTM provides verification of the energy financials in compliance with The International Performance Measurement and Verification Protocol (IPMVP®).

▸ How quickly can I expect to see results?

Once the energy management execution plan is deployed, insights will start aggregating within the first few days. Customers will begin to see results within the first month of leveraging the financial insights collected.

▸ Does EOS Labs partner with other facility management technology providers, e.g., energy management systems (EMS), building management systems (BMS)?

Yes, EOS Labs partners with like-minded companies in the utility, energy, and facility services industries to complement each other’s offerings and provide a comprehensive utility strategic plan that includes procurement, bill pay, IoT and BMS, maintenance and commissioning services. The customer’s needs and best interest is the foundation of our partnerships.

▸ Do you support ENERGY STAR® certifications?

Yes, our trained engineering teams have experience with ENERGY STAR® programs and helping organizations to submit data to receive ENERGY STAR® certifications.[/cs_content_seo]