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Did You know?


Commercial buildings account for nearly 20% of US energy consumption


A simple energy-efficiency strategy can reduce consumption by up to 30%

What Steps Are You Taking to Reduce Energy Consumption?

The Daily Challenge

All industries are affected

Today’s facility managers are bombarded with useless, actionless data that takes up space operationally and clogs workflow. Many tools on the market actually damage efficiencies by raising unnecessary alarms that slow cost-saving decisions and drain valuable funds.

However, customers across industries can benefit from a new generation in smart energy efficiency solutions that are transforming the way we look at – and act upon – big data.


Powerful artificial intelligence and advanced analytics technology

EOS Labs cuts through the noise with powerful artificial intelligence (AI) technology and advanced analytics, equipping facility managers with unique access to simplified financial insights. These details provide actionable energy use metrics and custom alerts, all in a comprehensive, easy-to-use and personalized dashboard. Our platform and services are predictive as they can project future losses once a problem has been identified, helping you stay ahead of any issues.




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