UFIQ® Data Intelligence Engine contextualizes utility metering data through smart inference about load type and local variables, unveiling key insights to synergize and elevate a host of utility programs

About EOS

At EOS Labs, we take the substantial amount of raw IDR data you gather and make it actionable through our sophisticated smart meter data intelligence engine. Our full-circle innovative capabilities provide valuable context to meter data for each building a utility company serves, inferring intelligence about the load type, highlighting energy savings opportunities along with actionable recommendations to achieve utility goals, whether it’s customer engagement, driving behavior changes or manage demand load. Through our unique smart meter data intelligence engine, EOS Labs provides utility companies with:

  • Heightened customer satisfaction and retention
  • Increased profitability
  • Business intelligence across the utility enterprise
  • Improved engagement with commercial and residential customers

In the same manner of some of the world’s most powerful tech companies, EOS Labs is a driver of eliminating archaic ways of thinking about data with just one goal: to help tune out the clamor of undefined data and enable the energy savings you need and deserve. We understand that moving from the initial desire to reduce energy consumption to a seamless and full-functioning energy management machine can be daunting. We are here to do the heavy lifting so you can focus on your vision while we lay the groundwork and then elevate it to tackle any of your unique challenges.



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About UFIQ®

EOS Labs’ Utility Financial Intelligence® (UFIQ®) smart analysis of the data generates a variety of key knowledge that points to which customer engagement, satisfaction, and operation programs can excel. As issues with energy consumption can affect all industries, UFIQ® can be used for nearly all customers of utility companies, regardless of load size.

This unique smart meter data intelligence engine is designed to set a solid and comprehensive foundation that supports a host of programs at the utility side and customer side of the meter. UFIQ® gathers seemingly useless, unactionable AMI interval data and provides meaning and context specific to each commercial building or residential location by applying remote intelligence, linking meter data to load operations.

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EOS Labs is the utility data analytics leader behind the Utility Financial Intelligence Engine UFIQ®. The company is founded on the modern view that enhancing the customer experience is paramount and is built by leaders from the customer side.

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